St Regis

Chesterton Road, Cambridge

Client - Clare College

The St Regis site on the edge of Cambridge’s De Freville Conservation Area has provided graduate accommodation for Clare College since the 1990s. The three existing buildings date from 1939 and their poor energy performance has led to high energy costs and inadequate living conditions for students. The redevelopment project has been driven by the need to address the deficiencies in the buildings’ performance and provide additional student accommodation to address the University’s growth projections for graduates.

The key strategies of the proposed scheme are: to improve the provision of student accommodation, including providing accessible rooms, en-suites, communal kitchen/dining facilities and better external spaces; to reduce energy consumption; to improve access; to mitigate the impact of the development on the neighbouring properties and the De Freville Conservation Area; and, to provide market flats to generate income for the provision of student accommodation.

In 2017, Freeland Rees Roberts obtained Planning Consent for three new buildings of contemporary design. A carefully considered landscape scheme will provide generous amenity spaces and increased biodiversity. Green roofs and on-site renewable energy generation, together with a passive ‘fabric first’ approach to building construction and services, will contribute to the sustainability and quality of the redeveloped St Regis site. Work began on site in Autumn 2018